Stryker 3002-S3 Med-Surg Standard Secure II Hospital Bed w/ StayPut Frame

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The Stryker 3002-S3 Standard Bed is a part of the Stryker 3002 S3 Med-Surg Bed series. It is designed to provide a secure and comforting environment for patients while offering efficiency and mobility for caregivers. The bed features a low height for safe entry and exit, retractable fifth-wheel steering, one-handed dampened siderail release, and auto contour. It also includes a photo-sensitive night light for patient comfort is designed to enhance patient care practices by providing a versatile and user-friendly solution for various care environments.


  • The Stryker 3002-S3 Standard with StayPut Frame is a highly advanced and versatile hospital bed designed to enhance patient care and operational efficiency in healthcare facilities. Some of its key features include:
    • StayPut Bed Frame Technology: The movement of the Stryker-exclusive StayPut Bed Frame maintains the relative location of the patient when the head of the bed is raised, reducing the need for patient repositioning once the bed adjustment is made.
    • iBed Awareness: This feature monitors local bed status information and alerts caregivers visually, audibly, or remotely if preset parameters are compromised.
    • Open Architecture Platform: The bed's open architecture platform provides better bedside data and greater flexibility to connect, thus improving care efficiencies to help prevent adverse events.
    • Intermediate Support Position Siderails: The siderails have an intermediate support position to assist and encourage the patient during entry and exit, helping to reduce the risk of caregiver and patient injury.
    • Customization Options: The Stryker 3002-S3 Signature Series Bed can be ordered with wood laminate inserts and customized insignia, logo, or award images to support the identity of the healthcare organization.

  • These features make the Stryker 3002-S3 Standard with StayPut Frame a comprehensive and advanced solution for patient care and operational needs in healthcare facilities.


  • Manufacturer: Stryker
  • Part Number (OEM): 3002-S3-ST
  • Category: Hospital Beds
  • Functional Condition: Refurbished
  • Cosmetic Condition: Good 
    • Paint Wear
    • Scratches
    • NEW Mattress (INCLUDED)
  • Warranty: 30 Days

  • Intended For: Hospital Bed
  • Patient Weight: 500 lbs.
  • Patient Surface (Standard): 35"x84"
  • Patient Surface (Optional): 
  • Overall Dimensions: 95"x41.5"
  • Height Range (Low/High): 16"-30"
  • Siderails:
  • Fowler Angle: 0° to 60°
  • Knee Gatch Angle: 0° to 45°
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg: +10° / -10° (±1°)
  • Minimum Under Stretcher Clearance:
  • Options: 
  • Comments:
    • Design change to the fowler motor mount and from serial number. 090915820 and the CPU board software (Rev. G) supports the 37-pin iBed enhanced nurse call option.
    • Launch of the iBed Wireless option and new roller bumpers for the patient helper accessory.
    • Design change for foot end side rail mounting bolts.
    • Added the power cord retainer for battery backup and Zoom options in 11/2012 which switched from the 3006-309-002 manual to the 3006-409-002 manual.
    • Stardardized with the 3005 S3 head and foot boards CPR board option is removed due to the use of the 3005 S3 head board.
    • Added the head end carriage bolt spacer back to limit the loadcell travel.
    • Launch of the wireless bed option into production.

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