Patient pumps are a crucial aspect of modern medical care, providing precise and individualized delivery of medication and nutrition. Regular maintenance and monitoring of these devices can help prevent errors and ensure their proper functionality, ultimately benefiting patient outcomes.

  • Infusion Pumps - used to give fluids, medications, and nutrition to patients through an IV.
  • PCA Pumps - patient-controlled analgesia pumps that allow patients to self-administer pain medications.
  • Syringe Pumps - used to deliver small amounts of medication at a precise rate over a specified amount of time.
  • Enteral Feeding Pumps - used for delivering nutrition directly into the stomach or intestine through a tube.

Patient pumps also offer various modes of delivery, including continuous infusion, intermittent infusion, and bolus infusion, which can be programmed based on the patient's needs. This allows for individualized care and the ability to adjust medication dosages quickly.

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