New items and parts that are designed to replace existing OEM products. Also known as aftermarket replacement parts or compatible.

Core Returns
Any purchased items which require a core return product back to Medical Equipment Doctor must be returned within thirty days. Any core not returned in thirty days will be subject to charges up to the full price of the item purchases and will be billed to the customer.

End of Life
Products which the OEM discontinues and exits. End of Life can refer to services and/or goods. End of Life products are announced by the OEM and Medical Equipment Doctor makes no claims or warrants towards the OEM's End of Life designation.

Any service product may be brought into Medical Equipment Doctor under an evaluation. There will be no flat rate given on an item coming in for evaluation. Medical Equipment Doctor will evaluate the problem with the product and will quote a price for repair, exchange, or replacement. If customer does not accept the evaluation then products may be returned to customer. Certain evaluations may require fees if unit is not repaired, exchanged, or replaced by Medical Equipment Doctor.

Medical Equipment Doctor may offer an exchange on equipment rather than repairing. Exchanges are most often offered when original equipment is beyond repair or repair cost exceeds cost of replacement of whole unit. Advanced exchanges may also be offered to the customer in order to expedite a repair where a compatible unit will be shipped to the customer and their unit sent into Medical Equipment Doctor as a trade. The Customer's asset will become the property of Medical Equipment Doctor. There may be costs incurred by the customer on exchanges which will be determined by Medical Equipment Doctor. If items sent to Medical Equipment Doctor do not meet quality criteria for inventory replacement then costs may be higher than originally quoted.

Flat Rate
Term applied to items which carry a negotiated price for repair services. Flat rates assume the item has a "standard malfunction/normal wear and tear" while in operation per OEM standards and guidelines. Items which have multiple failures or which appear to be tampered with may require pricing changes. Any items where parts are harvested and nonfunctioning or broken parts from other devices are put in "cannibalizing" or "frankensteining" will not be honored by Medical Equipment Doctor flat rate.

Calibrations, Preventative Maintenance (PM), Software Upgrades
Items that are calibrated only or where preventative maintenance was only service offered will not carry Medical Equipment Doctor's warranty. These items will be guaranteed to work and to proper calibration or PM for thirty days.

Abbreviation for 'Original Equipment Manufacturer'.

Previously used equipment or parts that have been fixed and repaired to OEM standards by Medical Equipment Doctor for use.

Turn Time /  Lead Time
Represents the amount of time that Medical Equipment Doctor will possess the product. Shipping times and customer waiting periods will not be included in turn times. Turn times are estimates, unless otherwise specified, based on current volumes going through Medical Equipment Doctor's depot facility and may fluctuate.

Medical Equipment Doctor does not offer service or parts for products that are not supported by the OEM. Medical Equipment Doctor will offer a replacement item or return an unsupported product to the customer.