Stryker 1105X Prime X-Ray Series w/ 5th Wheel Stretcher

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The Stryker Prime 1105X X-Ray Stretcher, incorporating ClearView Technology in a dual-deck design, offers comparable image quality to an X-ray table with the convenience and efficiency of a mobile platform. This stretcher provides a 360-degree cassette positioning, an open architecture accommodating virtually any cassette size, and a 700 lb. weight capacity. It also features an electric lift for easy raising, articulating backrest and foot section for easy cleaning, and Glideaway siderails for unobstructed lateral imaging. The stretcher's red color scheme allows for easy identification, and it offers advanced mobility options such as the Big Wheel Advanced Mobility and the Zoom Motorized Drive System, reducing manual pushing and steering effort. The Prime X X-Ray Stretcher is designed to enhance patient care efficiency and safety, making it suitable for various healthcare settings.

The Stryker 1105X Prime Stretcher is part of the Prime Series, which offers advanced mobility options for different models:

  • #1105X - Retractable Fifth Wheel for easy cornering in tight spaces
  • #1115X - Big Wheel Advanced Mobility that can reduce push force by 50% and steering effort by 60%
  • #1125X - Zoom Motorized Drive System that virtually eliminates manual push force.

Stryker’s Prime X X-ray Stretcher exclusively uses a red color scheme on its handles, siderails, bumpers and accent rings, so the X-ray stretcher is easily identified.


  • ClearView Technology Platform
  • Thermoformed ABS base with extra capacity storage tray
  • Comfort mattress
  • Litter-mounted oxygen bottle holder
  • Integrated transfer board
  • Power-washable design (1105X and 1115X only)
  • Four-wheel, centre-locking brake system with dual end activators
  • Dual, side-mounted foot control hydraulics with uni-lower pedal
  • Glideaway siderails with integrated foot end push/pull handles
  • 4 integrated IV receptacles
  • 20.3 cm (8”) Omni Surface Casters with integrated wheel covers
  • Pneumatic backrest/stationary foot
  • Constant descent hydraulics
  • Dual end brake/steer controls


  • 10.1 cm (4”) Enhanced Comfort mattress
  • 10.1 cm (4”) or 12.7 cm (5”) Ultra Comfort mattress
  • Four-sided brake and steer controls (1105X & 1115X only)
  • Pop-up push handles (1105X and 1115X only)
  • Integrated scale system
  • Three-sided hydraulic controls (1105X and 1115X only)
  • Foot-end push handles (1105X only)
  • Defibrillator tray
  • Defibrillator tray/foot extender/charting surface
  • Dual-ended siderail release
  • Footboard/chartholder
  • IV caddy
  • IV poles (permanent, folding two- or three-stage)
  • Serving tray
  • Serving tray holder/footboard
  • Siderail pads
  • Upright oxygen bottle holder
  • Restraint straps
  • Retractable cord reel
  • Lateral cassette
  • Powered lift (1105X and 1115X only)
  • Upright cassette holder
  • Lateral cassette holder


  • Manufacturer: Stryker
  • Part Number (OEM): 1105X
  • Category: Stretchers/Gurneys
    • Accessories: 
      • None
  • Functional Condition: Refurbished
  • Cosmetic Condition: Good 
    • Paint Wear
    • Scratches
    • NEW Mattress (INCLUDED)
  • Warranty: 30 Days

  • Intended For: X-Ray/Transport
  • Patient Weight: 700 lbs.
  • Patient Surface (Standard): 30"x75.25"
  • Patient Surface (Optional): 
  • Overall Dimensions: 85"x38"
  • Height Range (Low/High): 23.25"-34"
  • Siderails: 14"x57.75"
  • Fowler Angle: 0° to 90° (±5°)
  • Knee Gatch Angle: 5.5"
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg: +17° / -17° (±3°)
  • Minimum Under Stretcher Clearance:
    • 5.75" Nominal
    • 1.75" Under the hydraulic jacks and 5th wheel
  • Options: 
  • Comments:
    • Launch of PrimeX (X-Ray trauma option) and accessories foot end push handles and foot supports.
    • Starting with serial number 1301035021 the caster force was enhanced which was revised into the design, the last serial number prior to the change was 1301035009
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