Philips HeartStart FRx AED Defibrillator

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The Philips Heartstart FRx is an automated external defibrillator that incorporates an ingenious feature for infants and children, known as the optimal infant/child key. This key enables the adult pads to be customized to suit pediatric patients. The HeartStart FRx system is equipped with defibrillation guidance, which includes a soothing and comprehensible voice that provides instructions, along with flashing icons to ensure user-friendliness. When administering treatment to a child, simply insert the key, and the AED will automatically adapt the instructions and therapy to cater to the specific needs of the patient. The FRx also boasts SMART Biphasic waveform technologies, which utilize powerful currents to maximize effectiveness while minimizing the dosage of energy, thus reducing the risk of any detrimental side effects. Additionally, the FRx AED weighs a mere 3.5 pounds, making it conveniently portable for swift transportation to the site of a cardiac arrest.


    • Preconnected SMART Pads II can be used for both adults and children.
    • The device reduces the shock energy to a level more appropriate for an infant or a child.
    • Intuitive, clean design and clear voice instructions, including CPR coaching.
    • Wireless Data Transfer Infrared data port for easy transmission to a Smartphone or PC running Event Review software, without cables or hardwire compatibility issues.
    • The Philips SMART Biphasic waveform is highly effective, yet minimizes harmful side effects.


    • Manufacturer: Philips
    • Part Number (OEM):
    • Category: Defibrillators/Pacemakers
    • Accessories: None
    • Functional Condition: Refurbished
    • Cosmetic Condition: Good
    • Warranty: 90 Days

    • Dimensions:
      • Height: 7.1" ( 18cm)
      • Depth: 2.4" (6 cm)
      • Width: 8.9" (22 cm)
      • Weight: With battery and pads case: 3.5lbs. (1.5 kg)

    • Environmental / Physical Requirements:
      • Sealing: Waterjet proof IPX5 per IEC60529
        • Dust protected IP5X perIEC60529
      • Temperature: Operating/Standby: 32º - 122º F (0º- 50º C)
      • Altitude: 0 to 15,000 feet
      • Aircraft: Device: RTCA/DO-160D;1997
      • Crush: 500 pounds
      • Vibration Operating: meets MILSTD 810F Fig.514.5C-17, random;
        • Standby: meets MILSTD 810F Fig.514.5C-18, swept sine
      • EMI (radiated/ immunity): CISPR II Group I Class B, IEC 61000-4-3, and IEC 61000-4-8

    • Battery (m5070A):
      • Aviation: 989803139301 (TSO C-142-U.S. only)
      • Type: 9 Volt DC, 4.2 Ah, lithium manganese dioxide, disposable long-life primary cell
      • Capacity: Minimum 200 shocks or 4 hours of operating time (EN 60601-2-4:2003)
      • Install-by date: Battery is labeled with an install-by date of at least 5 years from the date of manufacture
      • Standby life: Four years typical when the battery is installed by the install-by date. (Will power the AED in standby state within the specified standby temperature range, assuming 1 battery insertion test and no defibrillation uses)

    • Smart Pad II:
      • Item number: 989803139261
      • Active surface area: 12.4˝2 (80 cm2 ) each
        • 13.2˝2 (85 cm2 ) each
      • Cable length: 48˝ (121.9 cm)
      • Use-by date: Pads case is labeled with a use-by date of at least 2 years from date of manufacture
      • Infant/Child Key: Item # 989803139311

    • Defibrilator:
      • Defibrillator family Order 861304. Defibrillator, battery, SMART Pads II (1 set), Setup and Maintenance Guides, Owners Manual, Quick Reference Guide, Date sticker
      • HeartStart FRx Ready-Pack configuration: Order Option R01. Defibrillator, battery, carry case, SMART Pads II (1 pre-connected set, 1 spare set), Setup and Maintenance Guides, Owners Manual, Quick Reference Guide, Date Sticker
      • Waveform :Truncated Exponential Biphasic. Waveform parameters adjusted as a function of each patient’s impedance
      • Therapy Adult defibrillation: Peak current 32A (150 J nominal into a 50-ohm load). Pediatric defibrillation with optional FRx Infant/Child key installed: Peak current 19A (50 J nominal into 50-ohm load)
      • Protocol Device follows preconfigured settings. Defibrillation and CPR protocol can be customized using HeartStart Event Review software

    • User Interface:
      • Instructions: Detailed voice prompts and visual icons guide responder through use of the defibrillator
      • CPR coaching: Voice coaching for adult and infant/child CPR provides instructions and audio cues for the appropriate number, rate and depth of chest compressions, as well as for each breath
      • Controls: Green On/Off button, blue i-button, orange Shock button, optional Infant/Child key
      • Indicators: Ready light, blue i-button, caution light, illuminated pads, icons, Shock button lights up when shock is advised

    • Date Recording and Transmission:
      • Infrared : Wireless transmission of event data to a Smartphone or PC, using the IrDA protocol
      • HeartStart Event Review Data management software (optional) for download and review of Software: data retrieved through defibrillator’s infrared data port
      • Data stored: First 15 minutes of ECG and the entire incident’s events and analysis decisions

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