Philips Epiq 7C Ultrasound Machine/System

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The Philips Epiq 7c represents the pinnacle of shared service ultrasound machines from Philips, boasting state-of-the-art xMatrix and Purewave single crystal probe technology. Its design is both compact and lightweight, enhancing ergonomics and streamlining workflow. The Epiq and Affiniti ultrasound machines share a similar visual design, utilizing the same large monitor and tablet-like touchscreen for user-friendly navigation.

This system is acclaimed for its shared-service capabilities, featuring Philips' latest imaging architecture, nSIGHT. nSIGHT is a novel beamforming and processing technology that significantly enhances spatial, temporal, and contrast resolution. The Epiq 7c sets itself apart from the Epiq 5 with its ability to support Philips' premium xMATRIX ultrasound transducers, which offer superior imaging in 2D, 3D, and real-time 3D (4D). Alongside nSIGHT and xMATRIX probes, the Epiq 7c incorporates Philips' established high-end imaging technologies such as PureWave transducers, MicroCPA for enhanced low-flow angiography, ShearWave elastography, SonoCT compound imaging, and XRES speckle reduction imaging.

As a shared service ultrasound system, the Epiq 7c is adept at producing ultrasound images for a diverse range of applications, including abdominal, small parts, cardiac, vascular, OB-GYN, musculoskeletal, stress echo, transcranial, and urological imaging. It is compatible with over 15 different ultrasound transducer types, highlighting the system's adaptability for various medical scenarios.


  • XMATRIX transducer technology
  • Stress Echo with automatic modes
  • AutoDoppler
  • High-resolution 21.5" LCD wide screen monitor
  • PureWave-Crystal-Technology
  • nSIGHT: clear, precise imaging throughout the image while keeping higher framerates
  • SmartExam & Real Time iSCAN (Autoscan)
  • PureWave transducers
  • 4D TEE
  • Shear Wave and strain-based elastography
  • 2D LV quantification


  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Part Number (OEM): EPIQ 7C
  • Category: Imaging
  • Accessories: None
  • Functional Condition: New/Refurbished
  • Cosmetic Condition: Good
  • Warranty: 30 Days

  • Dimensions:
    • Height: Minimum 57.5 in (146 cm)
    • Height: Maximum 67.5 in (171.5 cm)
    • Width: 24 in (60.6 cm)
    • Depth: 43 in (109.2 cm)
    • Weight: 230lbs (104.3 kg)

  • Control Panel:
    • Monitor size: 21.5 in (54.6 cm)
    • Touch Screen: 12 in (30.5 cm)
    • Height Adjustment: 10 in (25.4 cm)
    • Degrees of Monition: 180 degrees

  • Output Signal:
    • External printer
    • USB serial data
    • Video: S-Video, and digital display port
    • Physio analog signal

  • Electrical:
    • AC Voltage 100-240V~
    • 50 – 60 Hz
    • 600 VA

  • General:
    • CP Back-Lighting: Yes (3 steps)
    • Probe ports: 4
    • Battery: 45 minutes
    • Boot-up Time: 110 Sec
    • Sleep Mode (Quick Start): Yes
    • Maximum Depth of Field: 30 cm
    • Minimum Depth of Field: 2 cm
    • Cart (HCU): No
    • Independent Steer & lockable Wheels: Yes

  • General Imaging Q-Apps:
    • Intima Media Thickness (IMT)
    • General Imaging 3D Quantification (GI 3DQ)
    • Region of Interest (ROI)
    • MicroVascular Imaging (MVI)
    • Vascular Plaque Quantification (VPQ)

  • Cardiology Q-Apps:
    • Strain Quantification (SQ)
    • Cardiac 3D Quantification (3DQ)
    • Cardiac 3D Advanced Quantification (3DQ Advanced)
    • CMQ Stress
    • Mitral Valve NavigationA.I. (MVNA.I.)
    • Automated 2D Cardiac QuantificationA.I. (a2DQA.I.)
    • Automated Cardiac Motion QuantificationA.I. (aCMQA.I.)


    • Endocavitary Probes:
      • Philips C10-4ec

    • Convex/Curved Array Probes:
      • Philips C5-1
      • Philips C8-5
      • Philips C9-2

    • Linear Array Probes:
      • Philips L12-3
      • Philips L12-5
      • Philips L18-5

    • Cardiac Sector Array Probes:
      • Philips S12-4
      • Philips S5-1
      • Philips S8-3

    • Vector Array Probes:
      • Philips V6-2e
      • Philips VL13-5

    • Matrix TEE Probe:
      • Philips  X7-2t

    • Matrix Array Probes:
      • Philips X5-1
      • Philips X6-1
      • Philips X7-2

    • Hockey Stick Probes:
      • Philips L15-7io

    • CW Probes:
      • Philips D2cwc CW

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