Mizuho OSI Trios Surgical Table System

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Mizuho OSI Trios Surgical Table System is revolutionizing patient positioning for spine, imaging, and orthopedic trauma, this state-of-the-art system showcases a dual-column modular platform renowned for its adaptable patient positioning capabilities. The Trios system boasts an innovative tabletop mounting interface ensuring secure fixation, electronic floor locks activated with a single push, and a seamless 180° patient rotation mechanism. Easy to assemble and user-friendly, Trios streamlines workflows, reducing the risk of errors.

Compatible with the Trios Table Base, each tabletop can be acquired separately or as part of a comprehensive system, offering flexibility and efficiency in patient positioning solutions.


  • Tower and ratchet system that provides a unique tabletop mounting interface resulting in secure connection and adjustable table top height before and after patient transfer 
  • Powered floor locks  
  • Carbon fiber construction for complete radiolucency, allowing unrestricted C-arm and O-arm® access
  • Streamlined 180° patient rotation mechanism, with two-stage locking release and clear indicator lights
  • Positioning and operating functions controlled by an intelligent hand pendant, the IntelliPendant®, with two memory settings to retain the preferred position, and assist with setup
  • Auxiliary panel provides a secondary source for controlling table motion
  • Customizable pad and component placement to meet individual patient needs  
  • Tempur-Pedic®  Pad technology incorporated into all patient surfaces in supine or prone positioning 

  • Trios Spinal Surgery Top:
    • Open spine frame reduces vena cava compression, minimizes epidural venous bleeding and improves visualization at the surgical site

  • Trios Radiolucent Imaging Top:
    • Supports supine or lateral positions
      Fully radiolucent, carbon fiber table top with Tempur-Pedic® pressure equalization pad

  • Trios Orthopedic Trauma Top:
    • Modern table top with Traction Arc attachment features
    • Traction Arc provides constant and anatomically correct traction for various trauma procedures
    • Secure and flexible with multiple component options for either skin or skeletal traction
    • Enhanced radiolucency by design


  • Spine Surgery Top
    • Prone

  • Radiolucent Imaging Top
    • Supine
    • Lateral

  • Orthopedic Trauma Top
    • Supine
    • Lateral


  • Spinal:
    • Laminectomies
    • Decompressions
    • Osteotomies
    • Anterior/posterior fusions
    • Surgical correction of deformities
    • Anterior/posterior cervical procedures
    • Kyphoplasties
    • Vertebroplasties
    • IDET surgeries

  • Imaging:
    • Vascular surgery 
    • Joint imaging 
    • Pain management 

  • Orthopedic Trauma:  
    • Hip pinning
    • Supine IM femoral nailing 
    • Lateral IM femoral nailing  
    • IM tibial nailing  
    • Ender nailing    


  • Manufacturer: Mizuho OSI
  • Part Number: (OEM): Trios
  • Category: Tables Surgical - Modular
  • Accessories: None
  • Condition: New/Refurbished
  • Weight: 500-650lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 Months


  • Trios Table Base - Part #7803:
    • Crossbar to floor height 33–50.7” (83.8–128.8cm)
    • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg 10º
    • Lateral tilt (roll) 25º
    • Base width 32” (81cm)
    • Base length 110” (279cm)
    • Retracted base length 68” (173cm)

  • Trios Spinal Surgery Top - Part #7943:
    • Table top length 84” (213cm)
    • Table top width 17” (43cm)
    • Patient weight capacity 650lbs (295kg)

  • Trios Radiolucent Imaging Top - Part #7927:
    • Table top length 84” (213cm)
    • Table top width 21.5” (55cm)
    • Patient weight capacity 650lbs (295kg)

  • Trios Orthopedic Trauma Top - Part #7855:
    • Table top length 84” (213cm)
    • Table top width 21.5” (55cm)
    • Patient weight capacity 500lbs (227kg)


  • Spinal Surgery Top:
    • Towers (2)
    • Spine Frame
    • ProneView® Helmet and Mirror Platform
    • Face Plate
    • Tempur-Pedic® Chest Pad
    • Chest Plate
    • Leg Board with 1” (2.5cm) Tempur-Pedic Pad (2)
    • Adjustable Leg Sling
    • Buttocks Strap
    • Safety Strap 60” (152cm)
    • Safety Strap 90” (229cm) (4)
    • Cervical Traction Vector
    • Table Top Cover
    • * Arm Boards sold separately. Quantity two (2) required. 
    • * Hip/Thigh Pad Sets sold separately. Selection of one (1) set required. 

  • Radiolucent Imaging Top:
    • Towers (2)
    • Tempur-Pedic Pad 2” (5cm)
    • Radiolucent Imaging Platform
    • Supine Top Safety Strap
    • Safety Strap 60” (152cm)
    • Trios 6” (15cm) Side Rail Adaptor (2)
    • Table Top Cover

  • Orthopedic Trauma Top:
    • Orthopedic Table Top
    • Traction Arc with Cart
    • Patient Transfer Board
    • Traction Unit Upright (2)
    • Traction Extension (3)
    • Traction Unit (2)
    • Traction Boot (pairs) small and large
    • Traction Foot Plate (2)
    • Soft Traction Boot, (pair) small and large
    • 90° Pin and Wire Holder
    • Kirschner Bow Holder
    • G.M.Board, right and left
    • Center Support Board with Pad
    • Perineal Post, child and adult
    • Lateral Ilium and Perineal Post
    • Tibia Counter-Traction Post and Support Upright
    • Well Leg Support and Swing Arm
    • Tibia Well Leg Support
    • Radiolucent Auxiliary Leg Spar
    • Leg Spar Upright
    • Leg Board
    • Lower Leg Support
    • Tibia Traction Upright
    • Accessory Clamp (2)
    • Safety Strap (2)
    • Patient Isolation Drape Hanger Posts and Rods
    • Universal Side Rail Adaptor, 6” (15cm)
    • Table Top Cover

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