Mizuho OSI ProFx Pelvic Reconstruction Orthopedic Fracture Table

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Elevating orthopedic trauma surgery to new heights, the ProFx table serves as the perfect complement for a wide range of fracture procedures.

Enhanced versatility for superior outcomes
Tailored to optimize the reduction and fixation of acetabular and pelvic fractures, the ProFx table is meticulously crafted to play a pivotal role in surgical procedures. It empowers surgeons by facilitating advanced patient positioning, offering reliable traction capabilities, and ensuring exceptional radiolucency to overcome procedural challenges effectively.

Addressing the complexities of surgical reduction in these injuries, the ProFx table simplifies the process by enabling easier reduction, facilitating closed and open reduction with a more straightforward approach, and allowing for challenging reductions to be achieved successfully. The table's minimal contact area with the pelvic region further enhances surgical access, contributing to improved outcomes.


  • Spherical Spatial Positioning System® (SSPS) leg spar joint design provides exclusive table maneuverability and aids in the articulation of the torso and the lower extremities.
  • Design provides unrestricted C-arm access and unobstructed radiolucency giving the surgeon unparalleled viewing capacity
    Unobstructed radiolucent pelvic table area
  • Radiolucent leg spar can be positioned intra-operatively for unobstructed imaging of patient’s legs, hips, pelvis, lumbar and thoracic spine
  • Optional unilateral or bilateral skin or skeletal traction
  • Spar Lift Assist unit helps easily reposition the radiolucent spar
  • Carbon fiber table top with extended viewing area
  • Automatic power floor locks to enhance setup and stability
  • Built-in standard OR side accessory rails
  • Stainless steel base
  • Traction accessories for supine, prone, lateral positioning
  • Safety strap
  • 2” ( cm) Tempur-Pedic® Medical Table Top Pad
  • Low table profile for easy patient transfer
  • “Constant Trac” compensation mechanism built into each leg spar ensures traction is maintained


  • Prone
  • Supine
  • Lateral


  • Acetabular fracture
  • Pelvic fracture
  • Pelvic reconstruction
  • Minimally invasive hip replacement
  • Femur fracture
  • Hip fracture
  • Tibial fracture
  • Thoracic and lumbar spine surgery


  • Manufacturer: Mizuho OSI
  • Part Number: (OEM): PROFX
  • Category: Tables Surgical - Orthopedic/Trauma
  • Accessories: None
  • Condition: New/Refurbished
  • Weight: 
  • Warranty: 3 Months

  • Table Top Length:
    • 62 -149” (155 - 378cm)

  • Table Top Width:
    • 21” (53cm)

  • Table Top Height Range:
    • 31– 41” (79–104 cm)

  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg:
    • 15°

  • Lateral Tilt:
    • 20°

  • Leg Spar Articulation:
    • 35° up
    • 35° down
    • 20° adduction
    • 45° abduction

  • Spar Mount Translation:
    • 8.5” (21cm) each side

  • Patient Weight Capacity:
    • 450lbs (205kg)


  • Pubic Lateral Positioner
  • Shoulder/Sacral Pad Assembly (2)
  • Clark Socket (3)
  • Side Rail Clamp (3)
  • 90″ Patient Safety Strap (2)
  • Traction Unit
  • Tibia Traction Upright
  • Accessory Clamp (3)
  • Well Leg Holder
  • Cross Arm Support w/Pad
  • Drape Hanger Upright (2)
  • Drape Hanger Top Rail, Foot End
  • Drape Hanger Top Rail, Head End
  • Articulating Bracket
  • Traction Lifter Bracket
  • Femoral Hook Support
  • Traction Device Hook
  • Bow Holder
  • Lateral Perineal Support Assy. With Pad
  • Lower Leg Support (2)
  • Mounting Bracket for Lateral Perineal Post
  • Spar Assembly, left
  • Spar Assembly, right
  • Tibia Traction, Boot Adapter
  • Traction Boot Adapter Assy. (2)
  • Well Leg Support Arm
  • Dust Cover
  • Lateral Perineal Post
  • Perineal Post, Adult
  • Prone Skeletal Traction Holder
  • Traction Hook Extender
  • Traction Lifter
  • Traction Boot, Small, pair
  • Traction Boot, Large, pair
  • Lateral Perineal Post, Curved
  • Pivoting Arm Board (2)
  • Equipment Cart
  • Pelvic Pad
  • Main Table Pad
  • Accessory Attachment Bracket
  • Lateral Traction Device
  • Femoral Hook, right
  • Femoral Hook, left
  • Crank Handle Assembly
  • Attachment Mounting Bracket
  • Patient Care Kit, 3/Case

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