GE Corometrics 250CX Series Maternal/Fetal Monitor

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The GE Corometrics 250cx Series maternal/fetal monitoring system is a full antepartum/intrapartum fetal monitor that includes innovative features that helps you deliver a high quality birthing experience and enhanced patient care. It monitors uterine and fetal activity including fetal heart rate, and has enhanced maternal monitoring features including temperature, oxygen saturation, ECG and non-invasive blood pressure.  GE Healthcare offers two models within the GE Corometrics 250cx Series: the 259cx, which is the fully equipped maternal/fetal monitoring system, and the 256cx, which is a fetal monitor system.


  • Comprehensive perinatal monitoring needed during labor and delivery.
  • Monitors the following parameters: DINAMAP SuperSTAT NIBP, TEMP, Masimo® SET or Nellcor® SpO2, 3-Lead Maternal ECG.
  • Smart BP delays blood pressure measurement during contractions, reducing distractions and providing more meaningful diagnostic data.
  • ChartLight with backlit keys and dimmable display help make the monitor unobtrusive, even in low-light environments.
  • Watertight transducers use 9-crystal ultrasound technology for a wider focal region and more uniform coverage.
  • Intuitive hot keys allow most tasks to be completed easily at the touch of a button.
  • Optional - CPN compatibility to streamline the capture and archival of patient data.
  • Optional - Telemetry interface for continuous monitoring without changing transducers during ambulation or laboring in water.


  • Manufacturer: GE
  • Part Number (OEM):
  • Category: Fetal Monitors
  • SpO2 Technology: GE
  • Accessories:
  • Functional Condition: Refurbished
  • Cosmetic Condition: Good
  • Warranty: 90 Days

  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 6.7 in (17 cm)
    • Width: 16.7 in (42.4 cm)
    • Depth: 17.5 in (44.4 cm)
    • Weight: 22lbs (10.9 kg)

  • Power:
    • Nominal Line Voltage: 100 VAC | 120 VAC | 220 VAC | 230 VAC | 240 VAC
    • Line Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Power Consumption: 100 W | 0.4 A
    • Chassis Leakage: < 300 μA

  • Environmental:
    • Operating Temperature: 50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C)
    • Operating Humidity: 10% to 95%, non-condensing
    • Operating Pressure: 700-1060 mbar (525-795 mmHg)
    • Storage Temperature: 14°F to 131°F (-10°C to 55°C)
    • Storage Humidity: 45% to 65%, non-condensing
    • Storage Pressure: 700-1060 mbar (575-795 mmHg)

  • FECG Mode:
    • Technique: Peak detecting, beat-to-beat cardiotachometer
    • Heart Rate Counting Range: 30–240 bpm
    • Heart Rate Resolution: ± 1 bpm
    • Artifact Elimination:Selectable, ± 25 bpm artifact rejection
    • Countable Input Signal Range: 15 µV to 2 mV peak-to-peak
    • Offset Voltage Tolerance (Differential): ± 300 mVdc maximum
    • Maximum Common Mode Voltage: 20 V peak-to-peak
    • Preamplifier Bandwidth: 1–90 Hz
    • Common Mode Rejection:
      • Balanced:> 120 dB at mains frequency, with patient cable
      • Unbalanced 5kΩ RA or LA: > 110 dB at mains frequency
    • Input Equivalent Noise: < 10 µV peak-to-peak
    • Input Impedance:
      • Differential: > 10 MΩ
      • Common Mode: > 20 MΩ
    • Mains Frequency Rejection: > 40 dB
    • Leakage Current: < 60 µA at 254 VAC, electrically isolated
    • Isolation, Mains-to-Patient: > 4 kVAC

  • Ultrasound Mode:
    • Technique: Pulsed Doppler with autocorrelation processing
    • Transducer Type: 9-crystal
    • Pulse Repetition Frequency:
      • Single Ultrasound Mode: 4 kHz
      • Dual Ultrasound Mode: 2 kHz
    • Pulse Duration: 92 µs
    • Transmitter Frequency: 1.151 MHz
    • Spatial-Peak Temporal Average Intensity: Ispta < 10 mW/cm2
    • Spatial-Average Temporal Average Intensity: sata< 5 mW/cm2
    • Focal 20 dB Beam Area: 16.6 cm2 , at a range = 7 cm
    • Peak Instantaneous Intensity: 1.8 mW/cm2
    • Peak-Negative Acoustic Pressure: p < 10.0 kPa
    • Heart Rate Counting Range: 50–210 bpm
    • Leakage Current: < 10 µA at 120–240 VAC, isolated by transducer

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