Draeger Apollo Anesthesia Machine

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The Draeger Apollo Anesthesia Machine is a sophisticated and versatile system designed to support various anesthesia needs in clinical settings. 

The Draeger Apollo is designed to provide reliable and efficient anesthesia care, with features that enhance both patient safety and operational efficiency.


  • User-Friendly Ergonomics:
    • All functional elements are within easy reach, whether the user is seated or standing.
    • The unique breathing bag arm design provides ultimate flexibility.
  • Integrated Breathing System:
    • This design eliminates external hoses and clutter, reducing the risk of misconnection and disconnection.
  • Fully Automatic Self-Test:
    • The machine performs a fully automatic self-test that lasts approximately three minutes, providing results to the user and ensuring the system is ready for use.
  • Advanced Ventilation:
    • The Apollo is equipped with the E-vent Plus Servo ventilator, which provides precise ventilation with a high peak flow, surpassing traditional bellows ventilators. This feature is particularly beneficial for ICU-level performance.
  • Low Flow Wizard:
    • This feature helps clinicians deliver low-flow anesthesia efficiently, reducing the consumption of volatile anesthetic agents and thereby lowering costs.
  • Open-Platform Architecture:
    • The Apollo can be easily integrated into the overall workflow, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Integrated Auxiliary O2 and Pressure Gauge:
    • These are conveniently located where needed.


  • Manufacturer: Draeger
  • Part Number (OEM): Apollo
  • Category: Anesthesia Machine
  • Accessories: None
  • Functional Condition: Refurbished
  • Cosmetic Condition: Good 
    • Paint Wear
    • Scratches
  • Warranty: 30 Days
  • Dimensions and Weight:
    • Height: 59 inches (150 cm)
    • Width: 33.5 inches (85 cm)
    • Depth: 31.5 inches (80 cm)
    • Weight: 365 lbs (165 kg) without vaporizer and gas cylinders
  • Power:
    • Power Consumption: 200 W
    • Operating Voltage: 100 to 127 VAC (-15% +10%) 45–65 Hz
    • Integrated Power Backup: At least 30 minutes, typically 90 minutes, depending on ventilation parameters
  • Anesthesia Gas Supply Module:
    • Fresh Gas Flow Delivery: 0 to 12 L/min per gas (O2, N2O, Air)
    • O2 Flush: > 35 L/min
  • Vaporizer Options:
    • Draeger AutoExclusion (2 or 3 vaporizers)
    • Draeger Interlock (2 vaporizers)
    • Selectatec (2 vaporizers)
  • Ventilator Operating Specifications:
    • Ventilator Type: E-vent Plus, electrically operated and electronically controlled
  • Operating Modes:
    • Manual
    • Spontaneous
    • Volume Mode (IPPV)
    • Pressure Mode (PCV)
    • Optional: Pressure Support (PS)
    • Optional: Volume Auto Flow
    • Synchronized volume-controlled ventilation (SIMV), optionally with PS
    • Synchronized pressure-controlled ventilation (SIMV), optionally with PS
    • Synchronized volume-guaranteed ventilation volume AF, optionally with PS
  • Control Input Changes:
    • Pressure Limitation PMAX (in volume mode): (PEEP+10) up to 70 cmH2O
    • Pressure Limitation PINSP (in pressure mode): (PEEP+5) up to 70 cmH2O
    • PEEP in Volume Mode: 0 – 20 cmH2O (max. PMAX-10 cmH2O)
    • PEEP in Pressure Mode: 0 – 20 cmH2O (max. PINSP-5 cmH2O)
    • Tidal Volume (in volume mode): 20 – 1400 mL (5 – 1400 mL with advanced ventilation option)
    • Tidal Volume (in pressure mode): 5 – 1400 mL (deliverable with advanced ventilation option)
    • Trigger: Off, 0.3 – 15 L/min
    • Breathing Frequency: 3 – 100 per minute
    • Minimum Frequency for Apnea Ventilation in PS Mode: Off, 3 – 20 per minute (with advanced ventilation option)
    • Breathing Time Ratio (I:E): max. 5:1
    • Inspiratory Time (TINSP): 0.2 – 6.7 s
    • Inspiratory Pause (TIP:TINSP): 0 – 60%
    • Inspiratory Flow: max. 150 L/min
    • Inspiratory Ramp TSLOPE: 0.0 – 2 s (in pressure mode, pressure support, and volume AF mode)
    • System Leak Tightness: < 150 mL/min

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