Fuji Cross Over C-Arm System (+) Portable X-Ray System

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Explore the forefront of medical imaging technology with Fujifilm's groundbreaking "Fuji FDR Cross," a novel innovation that merges the functionalities of hybrid c-arm systems with portable x-ray devices. Crafted for versatility and precision, this system plays a crucial role in intensive care units, emergency departments, and during surgical procedures.

The Fuji FDR Cross marries the ease of use found in conventional portable x-ray machines with the sophisticated features of a c-arm system. Its innovative design facilitates both fluoroscopic and radiographic imaging, providing medical professionals with a comprehensive, integrated imaging solution.

Featuring a design that supports flexible positioning, the Fuji FDR Cross excels in generating detailed radiographic images, matching and often surpassing the capabilities of standard portable x-ray units. Ideal for use in emergency settings, intensive care, or during operations, the Fuji FDR Cross represents the pinnacle of c-arm technology.

Step into the next generation of medical imaging with the Fuji FDR Cross, where advanced c-arm technology converges with the convenience and adaptability of portable x-ray systems.


  • Lightweight, compact, space-saving design
  • Light, easy travel and precise maneuverability
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Battery powered, cord-free workflow
  • Integrated cables
  • Wireless operation for greater safety and convenience
  • Primary surfaces coated with antibacterial protection
  • Open and easy positioning
  • Fast, reliable and secure connectivity
  • Integrated articulating touchscreen console provides easy workflow and viewing from any angle
  • FDR D-EVO III detectors — Innovative glass-free, film-based TFT with Patented ISS technology promotes higher sensitivity
  • Combining ISS and glass-free film-based capture
  • Choice of panel sizes to meet your ideal workflow and budgetary needs
  • Manufacturer: FUJI
  • Part Number (OEM): FDR CROSS
  • Category: Imaging
  • Accessories: None
  • Functional Condition: New/Refurbished
  • Cosmetic Condition: Good
  • Warranty: 30 Days

  • Ergonomics & Weight:
    • C-Arm unit: 549 lbs (249 kg)
    • SID: 107 cm
    • Open space: 29.5” (75 cm)

  • Range of Motion:
    • Orbital rotation: -90° / +30° (120°)
    • Angular rotation: ±200°
    • Vertical travel: 27.5” (70 cm)

  • X-Ray Tube:
    • Model: stationary anode
    • Focus: 0.6 mm
    • Anode thermal capacity: 85 kHU (60 kJ)
    • Anode continuous cooling rate: 840 HU/sec (600 W)
    • Copper Filter: 0.1 mm radiography, 0.2 mm fluoroscopy

  • X-Ray Generator:
    • Power: 2 kW
    • max kV: 110 kV
    • max mA (pulsed fluoroscopy): 20 mA
    • max mA (radiography mode): 25 mA

  • Exposure Modes:
    • Auto-mode (low dose, standard, high image quality)
    • Manual mode

  • Flat Panel Detector:
    • Technology: CsI coupled to TFT matrix aSi
    • Pixel pitch: 150 μm
    • Useful area: 350x425 mm2 / 425x425 mm2 / 247x297 mm2
    • Matrix: 2836x2336 pix / 2836x2832 pix / 1980x1648 pix
    • Frame rate: 15/8/4/2 FPS

  • Image Quality:
    • A/D conversion: 16 bits

  • Anti-Scatter X-Ray Grid:
    • Application: User removable
    • Material: Aluminum interspace
    • Line rate: 80 lines/cm; ratio 6:1
    • Focal distance: 107 cm

  • Laser Localizer:
    • Operation: cross light on flat panel and x-ray tube side
    • Laser diode power: < 5 mW, 1 M Class
    • Wavelength: 635 nm

  • Operator Control Panel:
    • Color 17” touchscreen LCD panel
    • Resolution: 1284x1024 pixels

  • Power:
    • Power supply:100-240 VAC
    • Supply frequency: 50-60 Hz
    • Power input: 2.1 – 5 A
    • Battery life time: 8 hrs fully charged, including 25 min fluoroscopy
    • System can also be used plugged in standard AC outlet
    • Power supply:100-240 VAC (+/- 10%), 50/60 Hz, 5 - 12 A
    • Battery: Li-ion
    • Charging Time: 15 min charge for continuous 2 min fluoroscopy
    • 4 hrs empty to full charge (80% / 3 hrs)

  • View Station:
    • Color LCD panel
    • LED backlight
    • Size: Dual 19" monitors
    • Resolution: 1280x1024 pix
    • Brightness: 350 Cd/m2

  • Core Clinical Applications:
    • Orthopedic
    • Neurologic
    • Urologic
    • Endoscopic
    • Cholangiographic
    • Peripheral Vascular
    • Pain Management

  • DICOM Compatibility:
    • Dicom Modality Worklist
    • Dicom Store
    • Dicom Print
    • Dicom RDSR Structured
    • Dose Report
    • Dicom Query/Retrieve
    • Dicom Media Export, USB
    • Dicom Media Export, CDROM
    • Dicom Storage Commitment

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