Ultrasound Systems

VETERINARY - Veterinary machines are designed for animal patients. Depending on the species, their bodies are smaller, meaning their organs are tinier and as a result, the exams need to be more accurate. With larger animals such as livestock, you need machines that can support their body size, and account for varying organ differences.

VASCULAR & ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY - Vascular machines focus on examining heart health in a patient. The exam uses high-frequency sound waves to generate an image of the heart, using echoes. Such images reveal the state of blood vessels, valves, and arteries. One can detect potential murmurs or even unwanted clotting.

CONSOLE - Console systems are a transportable processor with wheels it measures a maximum dimensions of 2'x2'.

PORTABLE - Portable ultrasound machines have a transducer, a probe, and a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone. You need to provide a computer that can receive the scans or images. They are best for clinics with small spaces or high patient volumes, when you need to work fast, or for bedside patients.